Photo Scanning

Do you have boxes of photos hiding under your bed?  Did you clean out your parent's estate and find pictures of loved ones and albums that you didn't even know existed?  Is there one picture of Great-Grandma Sue that everyone loves but you only have one copy? We help clients every day digitize their family archives to preserve, protect and most importantly share with family and friends.

Photo Organization – Print and Digital

We all have it, digital photos everywhere. Computers, cameras, phones. We help you organize and preserve your files. And if you have 13 versions of the same group picture from the family reunion, we’ll help you pick the top two or three from each scene and say goodbye to the rest. No worries though on any pictures being permanently deleted. We feel very strongly that it’s your job to press the delete button. We just give you the suggestion that some pictures may not be worth saving and what you do with them from there is up to you.

Photo Slideshows

We capture your life, creating a one of a kind slideshow through videos and music. Whether you need a slideshow for that graduating senior or are celebrating your best friend's wedding, we showcase those memories with a custom designed slideshow. We are honored to be invited into your family’s private treasures and excited to tell their story, one pixel at a time.

Photo Organization

Photo Slideshows



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