Organization – Print and Digital

We ALL have a digital mess.  We are ALL learning how to function within this new digital world of phones, photos, synced computers, etc.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE .  We also often hear, "Oh I need your help but I have to get things ready first!"  Ummmm, no you don't have to clean for the cleaner.  We can help.

Half Day Photo Print Sorting and Scan

Your three hour time slot is customized to your needs. We will organize photos to scan or if you pre-sort, we are able to scan more photos within the 3 hour time frame.

• We come to you.

• File name/date, jpg or tiff images, numbering, up to 600 dpi.

• Saved on archival quality disk or EHD and 30 days of cloud storage included.

• 500-750 loose print photos scanned (*final count varies for each client)


$400 -- 3-4 hours of scanning/sorting or both


If travel time is over 30 minutes each way a travel charge of $25 is added.

Scan, organize, downsize, archive/backup.

Photo Slideshows

Photo Albums

Photo Organization

Digital Photo Organizing

• We gather your photos from all your devices and consolidate your digital photos into one central hub.

• Duplicates and blurry photos are sorted and separated out.

• We create a folder system and renamed beginning with year, month and event.

• Photos are backed up in 3 different platforms of your choosing: cloud, EHD, DVDs and/or albums.


Sold in 3 hour packages.

Senior Photo Consulting

• Have a senior who's downsizing?

We come in to assess and create a plan to digitize, archive and preserve your collection of photo albums, framed pictures, photos, slides and more.


Contact Pixelwinx for more information.

Hourly Photo Consulting

• Sort through your boxes of printed photos.

• Organizing memorabilia.

• Create back up strategies for multiple platforms.

• Download photos from multiple devices.

• Individual iPhone education.

• Assess & create simple photo organization plan.

• Apple Photos education.


$75 per hour



Columbus, Ohio